Anti-Theft Ihram Belt

This Ihram Belt is the ideal way for keeping valuable’s safe such as money, passports, credit/debit cards, keys, cameras & phones. This is an excellent anti-theft money belt, to be worn with Ihram, when travelling or at any time you wish to keep your money, mobile phone safe and secure.


  • Waist strap and bag is wire reinforced making the strap slash/silt proof
  • Secure, covered buckle
  • Secure Zip Stopper
  • Strong Water Resistant Material
  • Secure Mobile Phone Pocket
  • Secure Pocket To Carry Your Passports & Tickets
  • Secure Pocket To Keep Your Money

Designed by Hajj Safe | UK

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Hajj Safe Hajj Safe1 Hajj Safe2 Hajj Safe3 Hajj Safe4
Photo credit: Hajj Safe

Sobia Hussain

Sobia Hussain

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