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Starting a business can have its challenges – it takes time, commitment and dedication. However, not all individuals and entrepreneurs may have the opportunity to be able to give up so much of their time to their field of interest. They may have other responsibilities or circumstances which require their full attention. For such cases, there are home-based business options they can explore which provides them with more flexibility and freedom for their entrepreneurial pursuits.



One dedicated entrepreneur I have had the pleasure to speak to is Monteil Harper, Wellness Advocate of Aromatic Spiritual Life, who is successfully running an at-home business. By helping to empower and inspire individuals to become Wellness Advocates, Ms. Harper wants to provide the same flexibility and benefits she enjoys from home to others.

As a Wellness Advocate, Ms. Harper, is able to bring awareness to the natural, healing benefits of her collection by providing high-grade therapeutic Doterra essential oils, healthy living products, nutritional supplements, personal care and spa products found on her online store.  I asked Ms. Harper what inspired her to be an advocate and she said, “I have always engaged in alternative medicine as a healing and wellness option for my family. The high-grade pure DoTerra Oils, its fair trade harvesting, no additives and no animal testing practices appealed to me.” Working part-time for about 2-3 hours per day also enables Ms. Harper to balance her business with personal life.

Benefits of becoming a Wellness Advocate are numerous. With a nominal yearly membership fee of $35 US, a representative is able to save on purchases and shipping, allowing them to pass those savings onto their customers, and therefore attracting long-term buyers. Also, with higher purchasing quantities, the savings are even greater for the Wellness Advocate as they earn points which can be used as money. It’s a win-win situation.

When asked what motivates Ms. Harper to work at Aromatic Spiritual Life, she said, “To be able to help educate others about wellness, natural health care and making informed decisions pertaining to their health. I can be of service to others and provide empowerment to those who chose to work from home.”

To become a Wellness Advocate for Aromatic Spiritual Life, you can contact Monteil Harper’s team for assistance to register. Also connect with them on LinkedIn.




Photo Credits: Aromatic Spiritual Life.


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