Creative Spotlight: Zed&Q

This month we go down under and interview the talented designer Zayneb Abdullatif of Zed&Q, an online boutique with inspirational, handcrafted products and stationery. Her products range from beautifully engraved wooden magnets and cards, to playful prints and keyrings. Zayneb shares her story of how she began her journey and what continues to motivate her to chase her dreams. 


1. Tell us about yourself (name, location, affiliations, your story)!

Salams Guys! I’m Zayneb from the land down under, Australia, and my story began back in 2011 while going through some very difficult times.

During that time, I had very little interaction with loved ones while living away from home. Remembering what my parents had taught me, I decided to do my best to maintain relationships. So, during Eid ul Fitr, I mailed out personalised magnets and postcards. Soon after, I noticed a positive change in everyone.

Being touched by what had happened,  I decided to design magnets and cards which could also inspire others. Later in 2013, I combined businesses with my husband; hence the name Zed&Q. We now create a range inspirational handcrafted goods while giving back to our local community.


2. What inspired you to enter the field you work in?

I’ve been gifted with a passion for making things and helping others! I’m truly inspired by my surroundings, my crafty parents, nature and most importantly my faith! When your passion is combined with helping someone or supporting a cause, it’s truly rewarding.



3. How does your faith influence your work?

My faith shapes who I am and it’s my main motivation in life. It’s why most of my work consists of educating and reminding others about Islam in a unique way.



4. What was the best gift you ever received and why?

The ‘silent duas’ my family and friends continuously make for me. I know they have been, because I’ve been blessed with the best of things! It’s simply priceless!



5. What would you like to see on Muslim Gift Guide?

I’d like to see/read blogs and tutorials on creative art, food and productive parenting styles. I also would love to read about artist’s biographies.



6. What does it mean to be an entrepreneur?

To me, it’s about putting your heart and soul in an idea or vision which will benefit the people, nuturing it, embracing the challenges that arise, perserving through the failures, never giving up and simply watching it flourish!



7. How do you balance your creative business with personal life?

I usually start work in the early hours of the morning, which helps me complete scheduled tasks on time. It also allows me to list more important things throughout the week. My weekends are usually kept free to spend time with my husband somewhere in the rainforest.



8. Where can you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?

In 5 years, probably with a bunch of my own little kiddies running our retail store (Insha’Allah). In 10 years, hopefully in Indonesia (hubbies homeland) fulfilling our long-term business goal; building building a self-sustainable orphanage, insha’Allah.

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