Faatimah and Ahmed-We’re Little Muslims

Children’s book

Title – Faatimah and Ahmed-We’re Little Muslims
Author – Razeena Gutta
Illustrator – Abira Das
Hardcover 34 pages
Suggested ages 2 upwards

Faatimah and Ahmed are brother and sister who love playing, having fun and listening to stories.

Ahmed has come back home from his day at school and is ready to tell Faatimah a story about when Muhammad SAW was born. Join them on an adventure of learning. Inspire this generation of Little Muslims through stories and play.

This book will bring fun and adventure into the lives of Little Muslims.

Written in a way that children will love, with characters they will be able to relate to, this book is a must for any parent wanting to explain who Muhammad SAW is and how important he is to Muslims.

Includes a glossary and a handy guide which shows how the book can be used for different ages.

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Faatimah and Ahmed - We're Little Muslims

Faatimah and Ahmed – We’re Little Muslims

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