Hajj & Umrah Skincare Kits

Are you or someone you know going for Hajj & Umrah? Well, this skincare kit is for you. 100% unscented and halal. Handcrafted with fine vegan and gentle ingredients. You can rest assure all your cleansing and grooming needs will be covered during your spiritual journey to Mecca and Madina while in Ihram.


  • 4 oz unscented shampoo
  • 4 oz unscented lotion
  • 2 oz unscented soap bar, made in convenient travel size for easy storage in your handbag.
  • Free from alcohol, animal-sourced ingredients, SLS, paraben, phthalate, dyes and other harsh chemicals. Good for people with sensitive skin.
  • Also available, Unscented Natural Deodorants and individually packed Hajj & Umrah Unscented Soap Bars.


Created by The Olive Tree Soap Company | Canada

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Hajj & Umrah Unscented Soap Unscented Natural Deodorant Hajj & Umrah Skincare Kit Hajj & Umrah Skincare Kit
hoto credit: The Olive Tree Soap Company


Sobia Hussain

Sobia Hussain

Editor at Muslim Gift Guide. Creative entrepreneur and artisan of The Olive Tree Soap Company in Toronto, Canada. Sobia is also a writer for various international publications. She loves travelling, painting, photography and organized chaos.
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