Kaa’ba Night Light



Who: Silver Lining

What: Kaa’ba Night Light

Features: Beautiful Kaa’ba shaped night light for children.


  • Light up your children’s nights with this fantastic night light. A charcoal grey colour to signify the stone that the Kaa’ba is constructed from the light is beautiful during the day and even more awesome at night when lit.
  • When lit, small holes at the top and along the top border on all four sides scatter light across a darkened room, creating an enchanting and mesmerising atmosphere that any youngster would want to sleep in, adults included!
  • A unique gift that will be loved by all!
  • Size: 7x7x7 inches



Sobia Hussain

Sobia Hussain

Editor at Muslim Gift Guide. Creative entrepreneur and artisan of The Olive Tree Soap Company in Toronto, Canada. Sobia is also a writer for various international publications. She loves travelling, painting, photography and organized chaos.
Sobia Hussain

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