Laugh, Play, Love Arabic Calligraphy Poster




Who: NSN Nisrine Sarkis

What: “Laugh, Play, Be Serious and Love” Poster

Features: Enhanced Matte Photopaper 160 gsm. Width: 40 cm Height: 55 cm


Inspired from Abdel Halim Hafez’s “Dahk w laab w gadd w hobb”, this poster reminds us of life’s essentials: Laugh, play, be serious and love.

A designer by day and a letterer by night, Nisrine Sarkis is driven by her passion for words and semantics. She explores the realm of drawing letters in the hopes of reaching out to people through the power of words. She experiments with different styles in order to give justice to every message she designs. She then turns her drawn letters into posters that would add charm to every home.

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