Life of my heart – Mini prints gift set

Never-ending inspiration from the Quran, Rumi and Ibn Al-‘Arabi, this set of 10 mini prints are postcard sized, each with a different quote, and beautifully packaged.

Printed on 300 GSM white linen paper stock, and includes one mini easel stand to showcase your prints.

This set has been lettered by hand by Marryam Lum using brush, watercolour and ink, and then digitally edited and printed.

About Maryyam Lum and Life of My Heart

The name Life Of My Heart came from a beautiful dua made by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), in which he asked Allah (swt) to make the Quran the life of his heart. This spoke to me and conveys exactly how I am feeling right at this point in my life. My vision for Life Of My Heart is to bring verses of the Quran and quotes of the spiritual masters which are not so commonly heard to my brush lettering, to hopefully inspire more people to reflect, be inspired, and also to help them gain some calm and perspective in their busy lives through these wondrous words.
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