Moroccan pom pom blanket

Our fabulous blankets have been designed and woven by hand in our workshops just outside Marrakech. We first source high quality, handspun wool that has been harvested from indigenous sheep and sold daily in the souks of Marrakech. We then hand dye the wool by traditional methods using, in most cases, natural dyes. Once the wool has dried in the sun it is taken to our workshops where our artisans hand weave stunning blankets on wooden looms, some taking almost day to finish.

They will look absolutely wonderful and be the centerpiece in any room, either as a throw on a sofa and armchair or as a striking bedspread in your bedroom. They can also be used as a picnic rug or a camping blanket on cold winter nights.

All our blankets are:
++ hand woven on looms made out of wood, using traditional methods in existence for centuries, skills that have been passed down from generation to generation.
++ we use 100% natural, live sheep’s wool, ensuring that it is of the finest quality available in the local markets.
++ all come with oversized pom poms on two ends.

The blanket will provide you with many years of pleasure. To keep your blanket clean we suggest that you either dry clean it or hand wash and then leave it to hang dry.

We weave our blankets in five different sizes….
2,4m x 3m = 94in x 118in
2m x 3m = 78in x 118in
1,5m x 2,5m = 59in x 98in
1,5m x 1,5m = 59in x 59in
1,20m x 1,5m = 47in x 59in

Slightly coarse in texture due to its handmade nature and the exceptional quality of the raw wool, your blanket will soften beautifully with time.

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