Moroccan Retreat for Women





Who: Khalida Haque & Brooke Benoit 

What: The Ultimate Morocco Travel Package for Women

Features: A Moroccan Retreat – a perfect gift of relaxation and reconnection for any woman.

Surely you know an admirable sister, maybe one who lives up to the sunnah of having Jannah lie at her selfless feet? Whatever it is she’s doing, she is dynamic, heartful, unwavering -she does everything at 100%, yet neglects herself and her needs. The Big Reconnect Sleepover is the ultimate retreat, designed just for such Muslim women so that they may get their much-needed break and reconnect to their Self, their Sisterhood, and their Sustainer.

This spring’s extraordinary and exclusive retreat will be hosted in a private, women-only riad lakeside at the foothills of the High Altas Mountains in Morocco.

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