Penwak Swivel Case Set

The Penwak Swivel Case Kit comes in a contemporary giftable box. This kit comes with a single Penwak Swivel Case, two Penwak Miswak tooth-sticks, a Penwak Miswak cutter, a Penwak velvet carry pouch (available in green or pink print), an antibacterial sponge, and a user manual. Experience the most natural oral hygiene system ever created!


  • available in three eye-catching finishes: Pure White, Coal Grey, Matte Black
  • complete kit including 2 miswak sticks, cutter, velvet carry pouch, antibacterial sponge and user manual.

Purchase it here.

PENWAK - pure white PENWAK - matte black
Photo credit: Penwak

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Sobia Hussain

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