Ramadan Book Picks for Kids

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So, let us introduce you to our first blog post written by our Guest Contributor, Razeena of Read Little Muslims. She’s providing us with an extensive list of amazing Ramadan books for children just in time for the start of this blessed month! We’re sure you’ll find something you and your child will love with beautiful illustrations and stories. Reading can build such fond memories with your child. So read, read, read!

~Sobia Hussain & Rhoda Combrinck
Editors of Muslim Gift Guide

Ramadan is a time to unite as families and become closer to Allah. Everything we do, we do with a sharper focus and enhanced motivation.

It’s also a time to develop or improve our habits and one of the main things we tend to do is unplug from TV and other electronics and increase our recitation of Quran and reading of other Islamic texts.

For families with young children, its important to pass on these habits and practices so that children feel involved in this blessed month, and also so that they learn to associate Ramadan with learning and doing extra good deeds, for the sake of Allah. Alhamdulillah we now have a GREAT range of Islamic books, available worldwide, to keep children interested, entertained and enlightened during this amazing month. Read on for some our favourite Ramadan reads, and more!

Story Books

Razeena Books2

These books are a mix of our old favourites and some very new to our collection.

Ramadan-specific books are great to get children excited and interested in the month, but I would encourage you to use this opportunity to read other books as well, that have an underlying Islamic message as they are usually very helpful in introducing or emphasising a topic or lesson.

Ramadan Moon by Nai’ma B Robert is a wonderful lyrical book about the build-up and excitement of Ramadan.

Under the Ramadan Moon by Sylvia Whitman is a similar poetic explanation of Ramadan and its joy.

Night of the Moon by Hena Khan is a detailed story of a little girl’s reflections of the moon. We experience the entire month with her, until she sights the crescent of Shawaal.

Allah is Ar Rahman by Saba Ghazi Ameen is a fantastic lift-the-flap book which introduces children to the beautiful names of Allah and show them how Allah is so compassionate to all His creatures.

Faatimah and Ahmed-We’re Little Muslims by Razeena Gutta introduces children to who Muhammad SAW is and how important he is to Muslims.

Zayd visits the Two Holy Cities by Aneesa Omar is a wonderful introduction to the beautiful cities of Makkah and Madinah and their important histories.

The Boy and the Owl by Siraaj Mowjood is a well-written and beautifully illustrated story that teaches about the magnificent attributes of Allah Ta’ala.

Ilyas and Duck and the Fantastic Festival of Eid-al-Fitr by Omar S. Khawaja is a delightful story about the fun of Eid, while also focusing on its charitable nature. It also explains briefly about holidays of other faiths.


Other Books

razeena books

These books are some of our favourite non-fiction and crafty reads.

1001 Inventions and Awesome Facts from Muslim Civilisation is a must-have reference book in every household. It details remarkable facts from Muslim civilisation, some of which are not widely known!

Craft it up this Ramadan and Eid by Zayneb Abdullatif is a beautifully compiled, hands-on, fully detailed craft book, not just for Ramadan and Eid, but in fact, so full of ideas and cool crafts, you will want to try them all long after Eid is gone.

How Big is Allah?  by Emma Apple is a great stimulating conversation starter for children who are naturally curious and questioning. It is full of interesting facts and I’m sure parents will learn from it too.

My Ramadan Journal by Bismillah Babies is a lovely journal for ages 6+. It has 30 days of crafts and activities and 30 days of pages for children to fill in – everything from what they ate for Sehri, to how much Qur’an they have read.

Understand and Love your Creator by Halah Azim is a comprehensive, journal-style book which takes you through the entire 99 names of Allah, with a place to write your thoughts and notes. Perfect for ages 10+.

Other Ramadan Books

Lailah’s Lunchbox: A Ramadan StoryReem Faruqi

My First RamadanKaren Katz

Rashad’s Ramadan and Eid al FitrLisa Bullard

Golden Domes and Silver LanternsHena Khan

Activity Books

My Ramadan FunShaheda Osman

Allah to Z: Activity BookSam’n Iqbal

My Ramadan planner (boy/girl versions)Halah Azim

Ramadan RhymesElizabeth Lymer

Do you have a favourite Ramadan book that isn’t listed? Do let us know as we would love to extend this list. Email read@readlittlemuslims.com with your suggestions.

Razeena is from Brisbane, Australia and is the founder of www.readlittlemuslims.com – a website set up to connect parents with great Islamic books for their kids, from around the world. She is passionate about finding the highest quality products, and supporting Muslim authors, designers and product developers. She regularly updates her Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages with great books for kids, ideas to make reading and learning fun and many resources and activities.

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