Shifa Aromas



Who: Shifa Aromas

What: Soy wax resin infused candles collection


Shifa Aromas ingredients are carefully selected & sourced to provide the best quality. They use natural resins, woods and flowers to add another dimension of fragrance, colour and holistic attributes thus taking the user on a journey of not only beautiful fragrances & eye captivating colours but making it a truly soul soothing experience that the user would truly enjoy.

Shifa Aromas ensures to buy quality ingredients from local suppliers where applicable and use quality soy wax that is not only long lasting but is eco-friendly. All our fragrances are certified and have been tested to ensure that the user receives a clean and fragrant scent throw.

Currently, they offer seven aromatic fragrances. The packaging is contemporary with bold and captivating colours reflecting the fragrances.


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