The Sira App

This is the perfect digital gift for any child! Using stunning, high-quality illustrations and being among the most advanced applications developed in the region, “The Sira” walks children through the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) from birth until his last pilgrimage. Developed by a professional team of programmers, artists, and audio experts, as well as specialized educationalists – it is meant to be the first app of its kind with such high quality.


  • available in both English and Arabic
  • interactive features and children’s games
  • aims at teaching children about the life of the Prophet (PBUH), including landmark events, such as his call to Islam
  • reflects the tolerance of this religion and the ethics it promotes, as well as the foundations that the Prophet (PBUH) helped build in order to create communities of goodness, work, and ethics


Developed by Alpha Apps | Abu Dhabi, UAE

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photo credit Alpha Apps

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